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  • Why should you use my service?
    Having been in the management sector for 16 years, I’ve seen many challenging resumes. Clients have the knowledge, skills, and ability to do a job but may lack the creativity of composing a resume that will get the attention of a prospective employer. Also, many companies scan resumes using an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), a software program that scans and ranks resumes. I tailor resumes based on the job description using your essential skills and titles in a chronological, functional, or hybrid format. I have the passion, creativity, and grit to help my clients secure an interview.
  • Where do we start?
    We start with a phone call and a copy of your present resume for assessment, or the completion of a questionnaire.
  • Next steps:
    I send an email invoice, and once payment is received, the process begins. Depending on the complexity, a Word draft will be completed within 4-7 days or less. I know firsthand that job hunting, especially if due to a layoff can be a daunting task. I stay in touch with my clients to check on their search, and I encourage my clients to keep in touch with me if there are questions!
  • Can we communicate via Phone?
    I firmly believe that to extract the information I need from my clients, we first need to talk.
  • Can I order a Cover Letter, or other services without requesting a resume?"
    Yes, you can order a cover letter or request other services without the resume, just call me! 314-226-5073
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